You know those symbols used for the kawaii emoticons with big eyes what the hell are they actually for


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You think you’re more relatable? Than ME? Let’s see how relatable you are when I sue your ass in court punk!



mum: why cant you take a nice photo for once?

when i told my mum about bryson she asked if i could show her a photo of him and every photo of him on my phone has 4:20 on it or his middle finger up or he is wearing weed socks and i am holding his foot or it says i love hentai and i was just like: ) haha dont have one


sometimes I realize that twinks are really, really, weird but I still love them

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"Approaching Storm",Dean Lee Uhlinger fichty:


I’m so jealous! I’m a big fan of endocrines2014’s work but we not mutuals yet……. :-/ fichty:

vaspour those ur welcome for being as high as u were